By day, I teach Psychology and Women/Gender Studies at Sacramento City College. By night, I write children’s books and engage in other forms of subversive creativity. My debut picture book, This Day in June, won the 2015 ALA Stonewall Award, was a Rainbow List Top Ten pick, and won the IRA’s 2014 Notable Books for a Global Society Award. How’s that for my first shot at writing children’s books! My books, teaching, and general commentary have been featured in publications ranging from School Library Journal to The Advocate. I’ve also been interviewed on National Public Radio, the BBC News, “Good Day Sacramento,” and various podcasts.

That’s the professional stuff. Now, a little about me! I grew up in suburban New Jersey, on the sidelines of Ed Koch and Donald Trump, ACT-UP and Andy Warhol. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1990s and collided right into third-wave feminism and sex-positivity, the Dyke March and the Lesbian Avengers. By 2001, I had landed in Sacramento with a new relationship, a doctoral degree, a full-time job, and a mortgage, wondering, “How did I get here?” (cue David Byrne singing “Once in a Lifetime.”) Even 
today, I’m not sure I know the answer to that. But I do know this: it was here in Sacramento that a creative little hummingbird found me and led me to the magical world of writing for children. The best part about that? I get to share the things I love with children and teens, like LGBT history and culture, feminism, and women’s history, while also providing them with a joyful vision of what our collective futures could be.

Now Available

Feminism from A-Z takes readers on an alphabetical journey through the basics of feminism. Each chapter features writing and action exercises geared specifically for the tween and teen reader, along with suggestions and resources for how readers can take feminism to a higher level.


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